Niel Thatchers

Thief and neer-do-well. Currently freelancing in port Royal.


Niel Thatchers, born in, let’s say, somewhere in southern England to the Thatchers family, a clan well versed in all sorts of criminal activities. While always seemingly in possesion of large sums of money, they’re not in any way rich. Some members have been known to scuander entire bounties in just a few days, spending it on whatever they wish or just giving large chunks away.
But back to Niel. He is around his mid to late twenties, tall with long hair, described by many women as quite handsome and cocky beyond words, though he tries not to be too arrogant (key word tries). Throughout his life, he had been taught many skills with weapons, how to steal, to rob out in the countryside, to lie and sence when he is being lied to.
His most prised pssesion is the Thatchers family blade. A four hundred year old longsword. A basic thing, with no decorations or useless things. It was made with the sole purpose of killing anyone the wielder deems unfit to live.
With all his dexterity and skills, you’d think he’d make a great pirate, wouldn’t you? He at least plays the part pretty well. There’s only one problem. Since he has spent most of his life and criminal educaiton on land, he is completely ignorant of how ships work.
But he is willing to learn all he has to, if some capitain will have him on his ship.


Niel Thatchers

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